Lake Garda Weddings

We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the wedding of Jay and Adam that took place in summer 2019 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy.

Photos by Gwen Courtman

Jay getting ready for the wedding.
Jay in the shadows
Jay laughing before her wedding.
Jay & Adam, romantic moment in Malcesine Castle
Jay, double the beauty
Jay & Adam, beautiful love in Malcesine
Jay in the Hotel castello
Jay & Adam, admiring the view over Malcesine
Jay & Adam in the Italian Lakes
Jay & Adam, before the wedding ceremony
Jay cracking up laughing
Jay and her dad on the steps.
Jay, stunning bride in Malcesine
Jay and her dad almost at the ceremony in Malcesine.
Jay & Adam, just a hint of sun
Jay & Adam, stunning, Malcesine Castle
Jay & Adam, perfectly composed
Jay & Adam on the pier at the Voglia venue
Jay, sitting in the hotel Castello in Malcesine
Jay and her dad by the Lake, Malcesine
Jay and her dad pre wedding
Jay and her dad in the tuk tuk
Jay & Adam's ceremony
Jay & Adam, sun and shade
Jay & Adam on Malcesine balcony
Jay & Adam by the lake below Malcesine Castle
Work it Jay!!
Jay by the lake
Beautiful Jay , final touches
Jay! Simply stunning bride
Jay, reflections in a bevelled mirror
Jay & Adam on top of the castle in Malcesine
Jay, keeping hold of what is hers! Malcesine Castle.
Jay & Adam at the wedding in Malcesine Castle
Jay sitting by Lake Garda
Jay & Adam, the first kiss
Jay, the best picture in this doorway
Jay & Adam, in love in Malcesine