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We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the wedding of Katherine and Chris that took place in summer 2019 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy.

Photos by Gwen Courtman

Kate in the Hotel Benacus
Kate & Chris in love during the wedding ceremony.
Kate & Chris and the bridal party
Kate & Chris  Ceremony table reflections in Malcesine
Kate & Chris having a loving moment in Malcesine
Kate & Chris exiting Malcesine Castle
Kate & her father by the Hotel Benacus, Malcesine
Kate & her maids keeping cool and splashing.
Kate & Chris wedding day
Kate on the way to the castle.
Kate ready to go at the hotel Benacus
kate on the terrace of Malcesine Castle
Kate & Chris, Kate is just so happy
Stunning destination wedding venues
Chris and his mates at Malcesine beach, on Lake Garda
Kate & Chris  in the sun by the La Voglia Restaurant.
Kate in the narrow streets of Malcesine.
Kate & Chris during the wedding
Kate & Chris smiling after the 'I do's'
Kate & Chris, double the laughter
Kate & Chris from above in Malcesine Castle
Kate & Chris bubbles in the TUK TUK IN ITALY
Kate & Chris and the bridal party by the Lake in Italy
Kate standing tall by La Voglia restaurant.
Kate in the streets of the beautiful Malcesine.
Kate & Chris looking nervous.
Kate & Chris, on Malcesine Castle Turret Terrace
Kate & Chris, having a quiet moment on the Balcony.
Chris and his mates at Malcesine beach
Kate & Chris special wedding day
Kate ready to go and get married in Malcesine
Kate & Chris the wedding venue  - Malcesine Castle.
the happy couple Kate and Chris
Kate & Chris, Dad and daughter moment at the hotel
Kate & Chris, look at the dress.
Kate & Chris walking on the top of the world.
Kate & Chris strolling round Malcesine Castle
Kate & Chris with lake Garda behind them.
Kate & Chris in the Tuk Tuk
Kate and her maids keeping cool in Lake Garda.
Wedding planners around the world
Kate & Chris, the first kiss in Malcesine
Kate & Chris - the group photos.
Kate & Chris laughing and happy in Italy
Kate & Chris walking on the terrace
Kate & Chris walking around Malcesine Castle Grounds
Kate & Chris, working the door to Malcesine Balcony
Wedding planners to trust
 Kate on Malcesine beach.
Kate & Chris the wedding guests
Kate & Chris and their friends.
Kate & Chris reflections on the castle ceremony table.
Chris on the terrace Malcesine Castle
Kate & her Bridesmaids at the Hotel Benacus
Kate and Chris, black and white in Italy
Kate & Chris , Kate by the Hotel Benacus.