Lake Garda Weddings
Bride & bridesmaids getting dressed for the Castle
kävelemässä linnan käytävällä Malcesine
The stairways that  goes from the Castle to the Lake
Romanticismo con vista lago nel Castello di Malcesine
Ricky and his lads are having fun at the beach
Tuk tuk makes bride happy in Malcesine on Lake Garda
Spouses hold hands on the terrace of Malcesine Castle
Groom is a poser in the Castle of Malcesine
Emotional daddy sees bride for the first time
Yellow wall outside the Castle of Malcesine
And the veil is blowing in the wind on the terrace
happy moments between the newly weds on Lake Garda
Kisses and cuddles in the romantic Castle of Malcesine
The bride and her beautiful handmaids on Lake Garda
Fab dress for a beautiful bride in Malcesine Castle
Linking arms in the Castle of Malcesine on Lake Garda
Stunning wedding dress for Leanne in Malcesine Castle
Shape of the groom admiring Lake Garda from the balcony
Sailing boats and the island in the background
White is the color if you want a wedding to be elegant
Elegant bride in the Castle of Malcesine on Lake Garda
They said
She married the man of her dreams in Malcesine Castle
Kissed by the groom and the sun in Malcesine
So many beauties in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda
Happy tears from bride's mum in Malcesine Castle
Stunning view for a stunning couple in Malcesine
A cuddle from above in Malcesine on Lake Garda
A jetty for two on Lake Garda
Ricky Martin living la vida loca in Malcesine Castle
New Mr & Mrs walk down the aisle  in Malcesine Castle
Love words for Leanne in Malcesine
Bubble blowing for the newly weds on Malcesine Castle
Romanticism on a jetty with La Voglia in background