Hi Gwen, Deborah, and Annabel,

So we’ve been back in the UK a week now and the suntan is already fading! We wanted to thank you all for our amazing wedding, we both agree that there is absolutely nothing we would want to change about the day; it was perfect! I apologise in advance that this is going to be a long one, but I really want to explain how we made our decision and that we are proof that you can plan a wedding in 6 months without becoming a nervous wreck! Please feel free to quote any part (or all of it if you like) as you see fit. We got engaged at Christmas and after 11 years together, and there was no way I was waiting another year or two for our actual wedding. We wanted to keep it small, and didn’t want too much fuss, so we were already considering elopement, but knew our parents would never forgive us if we did that, so combining a small family wedding with a our first foreign holiday in 6 years seemed like a plan. If you want a small wedding in the UK in the summer the choice is limited to ugly concrete civic centres or town halls. The alternative being 100 guest minimum circus of a wedding in a converted barn if you’ve got two years to plan it and £10-15k to spend! And then there’s the weather to contend with…

We looked at Las Vegas, but friends of ours had already done that, so then New York came to mind, but that didn’t feel right either. We’d always wanted to go to Italy as neither of us had been and when we did a bit more research it seemed that paperwork wise Italy could be ideal for us. After a bit of googling I found Lake Garda Weddings, and I was impressed with the information provided, the photos, and testimonials so I emailed to ask for some more details. We got a response the same day and were so surprised by how reasonable the costs were. Although it seemed to be all about Malcesine, we actually liked the look of Torri del Benaco more, and the limit on numbers for the castle tower at Torri gave us the perfect excuse to keep our guest list limited! We knew August would be the best month for us, but we weren’t bothered about a specific date, and we really thought that this year would be long shot, but that there was no harm in inquiring, and if not we could visit for a holiday this year and decide if we liked it enough to wait until 2017.

So I emailed our request and was really shocked when Annabel emailed back that we certainly could get married this year if we were organised with the paperwork and if the town hall could confirm a date. The town hall booked our date and time and it was all systems go! That same week we booked our flights, hotel, and I went to a dress boutique and ordered my dress. I was worried about the paperwork but it was really straight forward, and all the advice provided by LGW was spot on. We made decisions quick, and it was great not having too long to think about things as it meant that we didn’t have time to doubt anything or months of worrying that we’d made the wrong choices. Every email I sent was answered quickly and I just felt so relaxed about it all, I felt really confident that I was dealing with professionals who I could trust. When we arrived at Torri del Benaco, we were blown away by just how pretty it was, it was exactly what we hoped it would be. Our welcome meeting with Deborah the next morning was brilliant and we knew without a doubt we’d made the right decision. Everything was just what we wanted. The morning of the wedding I had no nerves at all, I did my own hair and make up and although others might disagree this was right for me as I could take my time and do it how I wanted. When Gwen arrived I started to feel a bit jittery, but we did some photos and I certainly started to relax. The ceremony was lovely and having Deborah do the translations was great as we really felt at ease. The registrar, staff at the castle, and town hall were super friendly and happy to help. The boat that was booked for us was amazing, we felt like celebrities sailing up and down the lake! It looked really classy and our guests loved it. We highly recommend Hotel del Porto as well, the staff were helpful and friendly, the meal we had is restaurant there after the wedding was superb. We couldn’t have wished for anymore. We’ve been to so many weddings that are the same – converted barn or hotel, dodgy disco, slightly out of tune band, bland food, what seems like hours of formal staged photos, and we are so happy that our wedding was nothing like those! And none of our friends can say they got married in a castle overlooking Lake Garda!

Thank you again for everything!

Kind regards,

Mr and Mrs Clark (Emma and Barry)