Lake Garda Weddings
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Lake Garda Weddings

Congratulations to the happy couple, Bryce & Brian who married on the wedding terrace in the beautiful town of Malcesine on Lake Garda in April 2022. The Scaligiero castle is a perfect location for weddings with wonderful views over the lake Garda. They listened to their favourite music as they exchanged their vows.

Along with their nearest and dearest, we had the pleasure to help this handsome to organize one of the most important days of their lives. Brian and Bryce had previously attended a wedding in Malcesine Castle that we had arranged a few years ago so we were excited to have them back here with us again.

They both arrived in the Tuk Tuk as a way to reach the castle, before marrying on the wedding terrace.

A boat trip on Lake Garda took them all to La Voglia restaurant, one of the most renowned places for wedding receptions in Malcesine, where a delicious wedding meal was waiting for all of them. The lakeside setting was just perfect for this celebration that had been a long time coming.

And what is the best way to end a perfect day? To have the first dance dancing to the tunes of your favorite song surrounded by fairy lights in a fairytale place.

Photos taken by Gwen Courtman

Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy

Location: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy.