The wedding planners for Malcesine Castle
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The wedding planners for Malcesine Castle

Tina and John tied the knot in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy in June 2019.

They married on the terrace in Malcesine Castle. John is from Scotland, Tina from Russia and they chose to have a symbolic weddings, as the legal documents were just too hard to arrange.

Just look how stunning Tina looks in Malcesine Castle. She really looks like a model.

After drinks and food by the lake, they went on a fabulous lakeside cruise, arriving at the Voglia restaurant where they had the meal and of course the party. Although it rained during the ceremony, the weather held off for the rest of the day and it was lovely to not be too hot for once, we had just had a heatwave in Europe. Congratulations to this young and happy couple.

Garda is known to be the birthplace of the violin so it could be a good instrument to choose for the wedding, which many of our brides have done, along with the piano or a string quartet.

Garda used to be called Benaco, in-fact there is still a town called Torri del Bench, which means Benacus towers. Riva del Garda, at the north, used to be part of Austria until 1918. Until few years ago you could still see the old customs barriers

Photos by Gwen Courtman Gwen is an award winning photographer who trained with Jerry Ghionis and received her qualifications from the New York Photography Institute. Her passion is photography and looks forward to each wedding as if it was her own. She has a photo studio in Malcesine where she likes to practice her art in the off season and also does commercial work too.

Congratulations to you both, we wish you a live of love and happiness. We hope you see you again soon. Pop in and say hi when you are over next time.

Thanks for letting us share your day, it was an unforgettable wedding.

Location: Malcesine.